Common Issues Faced by a Common Madden Mobile Game Player

When you are in the midst of a superb game, especially when you are in a winning streak, your game may suddenly face problems. Let’s see some frequent problems faced by users while playing the mobile game.  With Apple App Store and Google Play, you can get the most updated version of the Madden NFL Mobile game. Madden Mobile 17 has brought the fever to all players to compete and win laurels this new season. Each season has its own thrills and competing till you succeed is one of the best methods of consistent playing. Collecting coins, completing seasons, competing levels and winning achievements are some of the features of Madden Mobiles that have always attracted new users to the game. However each game has its own problems. There are some problems that players face while playing the game and they have been addressed here. You can also find these little solutions along with it so that you can use these little madden mobile cheats to get rid of them.

Proper Logging into Account:

There are times when the accounts are not properly logged into and may cause problems related to it. This may be because there are problems with the link. So go to Settings and tap Link and logout. Once again if you select an Account, you will get logged on to your account that you have been using so long.

Linking the game and the Facebook:

To access the game from any device, make sure you link it with your Facebook account. You should be above the minimum age requirement to get the link. Enter the correct age and join in. Only if the game is linked to the Facebook account you can continue with your progress in the game. Otherwise, your progress is immaterial as your account will start anew.


Purchasing items for the team has always been interesting. If your purchases have not appeared, you can exit and restart the game so that you can continue with the purchases. Or you can also restart the device. If you already have items and these are not displayed, you can exit the game and restart again or still further, you can restart the device. If they do not appear still, you can go to the Setting, tap Help and then tap Contact us.

Frozen Game:

If the game gets frozen, you can recheck your internet again and try again.

With various problems, players are unable to solve many issues that they face. All you have to do is, to present the issue currently faced by contacting the authorities. You should also give information about the device used and mention in the application that you have an issue so that it can be addressed. You should give your email account and other basic details.

Do not give important details about your account or other sensitive information to others. You should be careful when you browse through various sites especially when you would like more coins to play with. With madden mobile hack apk, you can get unlimited coins to play the game and score high. Be wary of unwanted people who would like to use your details for unwanted purposes.

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