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Intellectual property is at the core of any business, and protecting your 3D IP is the single most important thing to ensure you can sustain a viable competitve business.

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Sell 3D Designs Online

Pay-per-print and One-click-print available for 3D Marketplaces

Secured3D’s copyright technology allows you to stream 3D designs directly to 3D printers without exposing the original file to 3rd parties. Protect your 3D IP.

Make 3D Designs Ready for 3D Printing!

Check and adjust your 3D design for best quality of manufacturing

We help businesses to make 3D designs instantly ready for 3D printing. Secured3D’s automatic and semi-automatic professional tools help 3D designers to check, test and adjust 3D files to achieve better printing results. We use artificial intelligence and data mining algorithms to check your 3D designs to be printable and to save time when manufacturing 3D printed parts. We provide end-to-end security solution for the entire workflow from design to distributed manufacturing.

Secure Your Industrial Designs!

Secure 3D designs through your R&D workflow

Does your company have important IP you would never want to expose to your competitors or any other 3rd parties? Are you a manufacturing company, a professional 3D designer, or a printer operator? Secure 3D designs or any other IP using our enterprise security cloud solution. Command and control all your 3D printers from one console. Satisfy corporate COBIT and HIPAA compilaence regulations with audit logs and complete accountability of your IP, as it is used worldwide.

Enable Your Printer
with Premium Content

API and Embedded solution for 3D printer manufacturers

Enable your 3D printer with Secured3D’s API or Embedded technology allowing your customers to access secure and premium content.

Connect Your 3D Printer to the Cloud

Become a 3D manufacturing hub instantly!

Our Team

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John CEO / Co-founder

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Anton CTO / Co-founder

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Taavi Sales / Co-founder

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Aaron PR, Marketing

Nikita - CAD, UI-UX

Nikita CAD, UI-UX

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