Is Secured3D only a hardware solution for 3D printers?

No, Secured3D is purely a software solution which can be installed on any server, desktop, raspberry pi, mobile chip, AVR, ARM, and PIC chips to name a few. Most enterprise 3D printers have enough computing power to run our client. In the event your printer does not have enough computing power, an Intel based Black Box is attached to your 3D printer and our client is installed and configured for that exact printer model ID.

Does Secured3D's Black Box work with other printers besides Makerbots and Ulitimakers?

Yes, the Black Box is currently instantly plug and play within 60 seconds for the Makerbot 2 & 2x, and Ulimaker 1 & 2, and with a small configuration we do support over 95% of the other FDM printers. We have a process with rack mount decryption/encryption servers to package the drivers for enterprise printers from Stratasys, EOS, and 3D Systems. If you own a 3D print bureau, our rack mounted servers will encrypt and network your printers, allowing for anyone to stream designs inside or from outside your office securely.

How is Secured3D becoming the standard in 3D printer copyright protection and security?

We support over 95% of FDM printers, and when combined with a flexible solution which supports proprietary formats (as with enterprise solutions from EOS, 3D Systems, and Stratasys) it's easy to see why Secured3D is becoming the preferred standard. Designers and companies are looking for a single consolidated command and control solution to support all their variety of printers. Secured3D provides an enterprise solution which supports most 3D printers by allowing us to configure a Black Box which replaces USB sticks, SD cards, and the networked secure FTP drives used by some companies. Our solution sends the sliced layers in real-time to the 3D printer, feeding the design file to the printer without exposing the source file.

Secured 3D Black Box

Based on Intel COMPUTING KIT

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