3DPI Interviews John Dogru on 3D Printing Operating System

Post by Aaron Roy

Today one of the biggest publications in the 3D Printing world, 3D Printing Industry, ran an interview with our CEO John Dogru.

Here is the interview conducted by author Land Grant in its entirety.

A few days ago, we scooped a worldwide exclusive with the first announcement of the release of 3DPrinterOS, the new 3D printing Open OS from 3D Control Systems.

Now, I’ve caught-up with John Dogru, Co-Founder of 3D Control Systems (3DCS), via Skype in Tallinn, Estonia, the company’s software development center.

If you saw our story on John & Co’s 3DPrinterOS, you’ll know this innovation was specifically designed around intra-industry compatibility and UI simplicity — in contradiction to today’s branded “walled gardens” with their complicated machine specific operating systems. 3DCS holds that its “cloud interface will allow users to access slicing, workflows and manage multiple printers, through one single standardized platform.”

In our earlier story, I quoted John Dogru as stating — emphatically, as only an entrepreneur can  — that “Software is the key to widespread adoption of the 3D Printing movement. Our plan is for the cloud to be the spinal cord connecting minds and machines.”

‘Preneur Dogru envisions a 3DCS that becomes the Microsoft/Windows-style platform of 3DP-industry compatibility. So, 3DCS is clearly out to make 3DP compatibility — with open OS seductiveness and cloud connectedness — its means to establish the universal interconnector for 3D printing.

As John Dogru described in our exchange, the 3DCS Team is driving to assure 3DPrinterOS will support the majority of design tools and 3D printers presently — or prospectively — in the marketplace.

My talk directly with John Dogru fleshed out my earlier knowledge and flushed out a great deal of additional information and insight into 3DCS’ planned march to success. Here are the key additional points you should know for your 3DP purposes and progress, as John explains them:

>>> If you want to map the new and upcoming of 3D printing, John says, just retrace the Personal Computer’s history and you can plot the milestones to our 3DP future. All that’s missing now is the implementation of compatibility software. And, Mr. Dogru — obviously — is taking his own “roadtrip” there…

>>> 3DCS comes from the security world (sister company: “Secured3D”) and has thus addressed 3D printing security. 3DCS protects the security of the design file by NOT transmitting it at all. 3DPrinterOS transfers only the motor-control commands.

>>> 3DCS’ ultimate goal is to get latency down to near ”0.” Part of this process is to present as neutral to all CAD software developers and 3D printer manufacturers. Design tools or printer types won’t matter. Everyone joins hands…

>>> Distributed Manufacturing (DM) is another goal 3DCS plans to support with its products and systems. DM will be one of the big distruptors — and large manufacturers are already frightened by the prospect of DIY DM. Distributed Manufacturing will deliver more power to the individual than any large company can present.

>>> ’Preneur Dogru — new kid on the 3DP block — has positioned his O/OS, 3DPrinterOS to be irresistable to a spectrum of possible users, from early adopters to DIY/DITers to manufacturers who want to join in the future. So, John & Co. have worked to drive the process toward ”1 click.” Just connect to the Cloud and get full access to your 3D printer at all times from all devices: printing and management, remote control and Webcam control.

>>> What’s next? 3DP Omni-I/O, says John. One-stop shop for the realization of the virtual to real in the quickest time and to the closest place.

Right now, John Dogru challenges you to try the future for free. If you’re a MakerBot 2 or 2X owner — estimated 40,000+ users — download a test gratis at 3DPrinterOS.

Mr. Dogru seeks to empower users to “collaborate, communicate and create in a universal [3DP] language, for the first time.” Yes — such a positioning achieved at this early point in the 3DP commercial story will pay immense dividends to end users and industry players — and, of course, 3DCS.

via 3Dprintingindustry.com