Fabulonia OÜ withdraws all claims against Secured3D OÜ and ITBS OÜ

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Tallinn, Estonia – ITBS OÜ and Secured3D OÜ announced it has won on all claims brought against them by Jari Kimmo Kristian Isbjörnssund, Fabulonia OÜ and their representative SORAINEN Law Firm in Estonia.

The parties to the civil proceedings in Estonia, case no. 2-13-61048, Fabulonia OÜ and ITBS OÜ have agreed to end the proceedings with Fabulonia OÜ withdrawing all claims now and in the future. This ruling overturns the preliminary injunction granted to Fabulonia OÜ in January 2014. Per the terms of the agreement Fabulonia OÜ, is responsible for compensating procedural expenses to the defendants.

The main points of dispute in the case concerned intellectual property created under a work-for-hire agreement, copyright infringement, unfair competition and disclosure of confidential information. The court asked Fabulonia OU to provide evidence to substantiate their claims and no evidence was presented over the course of litigation. Fabulonia OÜ was forced to withdraw all claims after being unable to furnish any proof to substantiate their allegations in relation to all accusations.

“We are glad this baseless case is over and the lack of evidence clearly demonstrated this was an individual bringing frivolous allegations into our justice system. At the end of the day truth prevailed and we’re happy to move forward from this.” said former ITBS OÜ CEO Taavi Kikas.

The parties agreed to shorten the period for appeal to 2 days and no appeal was filed.  This case is closed.