3DPrinterOS unites 3D Printing Operating Systems

Post by Aaron Roy

Cloud-based 3D printing operating system will allow centralized command and control by supporting printers beyond MakerBot and Ultimaker.

3D Control Systems (parent company of Secured3D) announced the upcoming release of an open operating system – 3DPrinterOS – for securely controlling a wide variety of 3D printers from around the world.

3D Printing Operating System - Secured3D

With many manufacturers offering complicated machine specific operating systems, 3D Control Systems’ cloud interface will allow users to access slicing, workflows, and manage multiple printers, through one single standardized platform.

Users will also be able to stream designs directly to 3D printers without exposing source files to 3rd parties. Building a platform compatible with the majority of design tools and 3D printers allows users to collaborate, communicate and create in a universal language for the first time.

The 3D printer drivers are free and will also connect to Secured3D’s cloud-based encryption platform. This gives users online control with live video from any web browser including mobile handsets. The initial release of 3DPrinterOS is slated for August 2014 and will eventually support 100’s of 3D printers including new manufacturers entering the market.

Designers, application developers and manufacturers who’d like to be part of the initial release are encouraged to email here for integration details.

For more information read the full release at PRweb